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"We were all so absorbed in the humor of the situation that we didn’t notice Aaron Copland had arrived at our gathering. He looked down at me and asked, 'What’s so funny?' ”

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"Carnegie Hall is very ornate and beautiful. It has an enormously high ceiling, allowing seating on five levels. The color scheme of gold and white makes it feel like a piece of jewelry."

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“On the day I was scheduled to tune Walt Disney’s piano, I drove along the freeway wondering what brand of piano Disney would have owned. Maybe a Mason & Hamlin, or perhaps a Steinway."

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Piano Dance: A collection of stories featuring extraordinary musicians, venues, and instruments


For over forty years, Ned Klein tuned and repaired pianos in all types of venues, from large concert halls to private homes. In Piano Dance, he provides a unique perspective, from behind the scenes, of performances ranging from major orchestra concerts to children’s recitals. Always with an eye for the unique and special experiences music can provide, he gives us a compassionate account of many of the people, both famous and private, that he has worked with over the years. His goal in the writing of this book is to enhance the reader’s interest in this fascinating instrument, the piano.

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Ned Klein