A Night with the Vancouver Symphony – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 related tuning for a delightful concert by an extraordinary group of musicians. The pianist, Jon Kimura Parker, has many Youtube videos of him playing. I think the most interesting is a video of him discussing The Grieg Piano Concerto, and playing portions of the piece to illustrate his points. Here is the link:

The conductor, Bramwell Tovey, has a resume that is astounding. He has led all the major orchestras in the world and conducts opera in his spare time. Here is a LINK.


I found in the biography of Parker that he has played with Peter Schickele, who satirizes all that classical musicians hold dear.

My favorite piece by Schickele is his performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony with two sportscasters giving the play-by-play and a referee enforcing penalties. Here is a link:


If you would like to watch other videos of Schickele, here is a link for a video of him playing with Itzhak Perlman:


Here is a link to another wonderful video by John Kimura Parker, this one about playing Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninoff: LINK


I hope you enjoy these performances.